Entry: findings on the Tsunami 6/1/2005

Tsunami quake stronger than thought
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It was a rather short article by the New York Times. It was interesting nonetheless. I pretty much will tell you all there was, but still feel free to go over there and register.

The earthquake that caused the deadly tsunami in December was more powerful than originally thought. Scientist now estimate it to have been a 9.15 magnitude.* The quake and the tsunami it caused killed about 300,000 people.**  The earthquake still has earth has the earth "ringing like a bell" according to Roland Burgmann.*** The quakes shattered more than a few records. There was longest fault rupture, longest duration of faulting and it moved giant slabs of rock further than anything had before.****

* Original estimates put it at 9.0
** The massive deforestation done around the areas played a helping hand in the amount of devestation too. Ain't globalization grand?
*** Professor of earth and planetary science at the University of California, Berkeley

**** The equivalent of moving from Florida to New England.


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