Entry: Senate supports offshore oil inventory 6/21/2005

The Senate voted earlier today to conduct an inventory of offshore oil and gas resources. Proponents of the bill claim that they just need to know what is out there for the future$ Those who voted for it are from both sides of the aisle.$$ A proposed amendment$$$ to the bill to get rid of the inventory provision was defeated 52-44. This provision would include areas that have been off limits to drilling for almost a quarter century.$$$$ A succession of Presidents including Good ole G.W. has extended it. Of course there is growing pressure to find out what we can rip from the earth, instead of ways to wean ourselves from the needs. Like I said it had bipartisan support and as I should bipartisan opponents. As for those who are opponents 27 of the 44 Senators who voted against it are from States where the drilling is prohibited. At least they stood up for their people and their earth. While some who were against it were because they saw it leading to drilling that isn’t all there is to it. To be honest I agree that it’s their first step in trying to get drilling$$$$$. There are immediate problems what they plan on doing will more than likely harm the waters and animals that live in them.$$$$$$ The bottom line is I’m upset I didn’t know about this sooner and should’ve paid more attention. That way I could’ve at least made my opinions known to those voting which in the end is sometimes all we can do.

$ “This gives Americans full information of what it is there…This is not a drilling amendment” D-LA Sen. Mary Landrieu.

$$ I really hate how everyone always refers to people from a different party as “the ones on the other side of the aisle”

$$$  The amendment was proposed by Democrat Bill Nelson and Republican Mel Martinez both Senators from Florida.

$$$$ Oil and gas drilling has been banned in almost all The country’s coastal areas outside the Gulf of Mexico when a moratorium was issued by Congress in 1981.  

$$$$$ Can anyone say Alaska?

$$$$$$ Processes that include seismic activity.


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