Entry: week of returns in the nhl and mlb 8/10/2005

I had planned as my comeback post to post something on Dan Marino been inducted to the hall of fame. I still might end up doing that but Iíve decided to post about a few recent stories in sports that have really stuck in my craw so to speak. Yes Iím going to be one of the many who focus on the negative but oh well. First off with Rafael Palmeiroís recent suspension (he returns tomorrow-or is eligible to) 10 days big whoop yeah? Iím dismayed that he sat up there during the Congressional hearings and wiggled that finger and proclaimed himself innocent. Then turn around a few months later and he tests positive for(allegedly) the same substance Canseco claims he injected him with. So he will come back more than likely tomorrow as a starter for the Orioles and he might get a few boos at home and will probably be soundly booed elsewhere. Now should he be allowed into the Hall of Fame? This question is a bit too subjective. It applies in gossip and suspicion to players like Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, and Mark McGwire the only difference in those cases is that it so far is only suspicion (wether true or not). The only one to have tested positive is Palmeiro so thatís where the only real "evidence" is. Now as for his stats. If he was on the roids I donít believe it helped him all that much in the 3000 hit department, which is a wonderful feat. Anyone who has seen him swing should be able to admit it is pretty sweet. The homeruns and RBIís are a different matter. I wasnít all foaming at the mouth for him to make the Hall before this and less now. He was at least a decent fielder at first winning 3 gold gloves (1997-1999) The next story also involves baseball and suspensions. It deals with Kenny "hot tempered" Rogers. Thatís right after Bud Selig went ahead and overstepped his boundaries by first ruling on the suspension/fine and subsequent appeal an independent arbitrator went ahead and overruled him. So Kenny Rogerís slap on the wrist suspension of 20 games (maybe 5 starts as a pitcher) went down to 13 games (a mere 2 missed starts). Tonight he makes his triumphant return to face the defending world champs Boston in Fenway. You know theyíll boo him good. Espn plans to show the game on many stations lets hope there arenít any cameraman in Kenny "the incredible hulk" Rogerís striking distance. Now I shall bore most of you with a rant about hockey. I was glad the NHL reached an agreement and there will be a season and shootouts to gain winners. Then they go and reinstate Todd Bertuzzi, the man who brutally blind sided Steve Moore about 14 months ago that may have ended Mooreís career. He blacked out for 3 minutes, suffered deep lacerations and a broken neck. Due to the lockout Bertuzzi who was suspended indefinitely only missed the final 13 regular season games and 7 playoff games for the Canucks. He will make about 5.2 million dollars this year while Moore might not ever play again. You can be sure that the Avalanche teammates (even though they released him) will be gunning for him. If they donít give him plenty of good, legal hard brutal hits they should be ashamed.



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