www.academic-writing » I wanted to know about the subject matter, when I read your post, I observed that you tried to provide valued information regarding subject. It is a great effort; please provide more information regar
Evelyn » you go thru and say all of that so well about all the things in sports sticking in your craw about sports and say NOTHING I repeat NOTHING about that piece of scum ricky william, shame on you jive
josh » thanks for suggesting the ramones, jive!
Name » Message
jive » response
Name » Message
Christina » Just stopping by to drop off some hugs. *smiles* Hope you're doing well! xoxox
jive » response
Name » Message
Nana Stacy » Howdy this fine day. Stopping by for the weekend hug.
phscko » probably
jive » oh my god the world is ending then!
phscko » finally i've come back!!!
StealThese » Have a great day!
jr » cool blog
Nana Stacy » Dropping in to wish you a wonderful new week.
jive » michele is a dork and does not have internet access right now
MaLLory » Michele... Why ignore me? or ali for that matter? i see her comments here too! =(
Christina. » Have a wonderful weekend! *hugs* xoxox
StealThese » Happy Weekend!!!
StealThese » Hello! Just blog hopping by. Have a great day!
Nat » mmhmm.... meh
Christina. » Happy St. Patrick's Day Jive! *smiles* I was gonna pinch you but I see green!
Alicia » I'd still like to know where michele is
Jude » Evil Dead...only way to fly
Kristy » you guys never update anymore But Love the pic of Ash you have on here!
jive » hey!
Kristy » hey there!
MaLLorY » OK so yeah... Just wondering if you're still alive micheLe....
Alicia » If anyone talks to ms. Michele (Phscko) they needa tell her Ali is lookin for her
Nat » no kiddin.... Jives, you've gotta come up with something better than a random Hmmm
Juliet » What is this "hmmm"img about on my tagboard....??
snarkychick. » i was sad about arthur, too.
Christina. » Happy Valentine's Day Jivey! xoxox
sharkbait » blog surfing...and looks like im definitely coming back...
evie » hey! thanks for the tag! i'm deffo coming back to read your stuff!
bal » Got some of my money, they are doling it out over the next two months-I got enough to cover tuition, thankfully, but I was already starting to get the "you have not paid us we will drop you" letters"
bal » hut two three four
Nat » lovely stuff again, Jivers! *muah!*
Christina. » Just dropping by to say hello! *hugs*
bal » pocket
jefzila »
Fallen » true enough.
Fallen » well they aren't THAT bad darlin...*laughs*
Jess » heyy phscko, heard about the accident, hope alls well with you.
babyd » so, we meet again, Jive.
~justme~ »
Urban Gypsy » just blog hoppin...take care!
snarkychick. » thanks for popping by - i'm digging the chastity panties.
Maroux » just stopping by to say hello jive
Fallen » hmmm right back at you jivey
sanjie » there you are.
~justme~ » Youuuu whoooooooo
Nat » JIVESY!!!! Im back!
Juliet » where are you guys???
luvlwriter » lol. Chastity underwear remind me of my choldhood favorite movie- "Robin Hood Men In Tights". *tag*
Christina. » Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year. Hope it turns out to be a brighter and happier year! *hugs* xoxox
Christina. » Merry Christmas to you and your family! *hugs*
Kristy » Hallehlujah and Merry Christmas from all of us @ Vintage Rock!
~justme~ » Merry Christmas Jiiive & PhScKo!
Maroux » Merry Christmas jive
~tin~ » happy holidays!!!
snarkychick. » have a very happy holiday!
starr69 » hey u guys!! i doubt y'all remember me but whatever.. =) happy Xmas in advance!!
Christina. » Just a quick stay to wish you a wonderful weekend! *hugs*
Mar » Hi jive how are yah? saw your tag in poetry club do join it's a wonderful group see yah around
Adawehi » Hello there fellow Ohioian and poet! I found your blog through Christina's. She's one of my blog friends/sisters. I'd like to invite you to join our Blog Poetry Club. Just click the link on our blog.
Christina » Hi! Just passing by to wish you a wonderful weekend and to let you know I made a lil something for you. xoxox
Christina » Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving! *hugs*
~justme~ » Yep, see that mind reading thing is working out good.
~justme~ » hiiii jiiiiiiivey Have my Christmas gift picked out yet?!
BlueSkelton » Wheres the pick of you with the bent wookie t shirt?
Jess » hey hey, hope y'all are doing well its been waaay too long
~justme~ » Ha..took ya long enough! But you are forgiven
Christina » Just passing by to say hello and hope you have a wonderful weekend! I miss talking to you. I never see you around anymore. It's been too long. *hugs* xoxox
Mulan » Just dropping by.. thanks!
Pandora » It's been entirely TOO long! Sorry I've been so busy and not online much. *mua* Hope you're well, babe. *lixs everyone*
jive » oh yeah and you all tag here oh so often
Melly » ditto what justme siad
~justme~ » What's this? You don't come tag me anymore? I'm so saddened. That's ok. I see how you are now.
Gigglesbee » Well I can't very well wear tin foil on my wrist watch! hehehe
Gigglesbee » I'm seriously beginning to wonder!!
Mulan » Good Morning!
The Journo » Thank you for submitting your site. Please check back for your review.
Mar » me again just passing by to say hi
Mar » hey there thanks for the tag back, I do dig this place too, mind if i link you? cheers
J f Z » Should be an intersting day in FL and OH.
mulan » wowow kala ko peyups ah.. galing
mulan » wowow kala ko peyups ah.. galing
Christina » Just passing by to wish you a Happy and Safe Halloween! *hugs*
Mar » hey there just blog hopping hmmm cool posts
Push » Hi Jive!
bal » hello!
~tin~ » ei, jive! thanks for the tag!
phscko » thanks jess, you rule!!!
Jess » at home...well until sunday
Jess » aww you have to comment under anonymous, bastardly thing. my computer at school wont let me sign into blogdrive...so i stick with LJ there....but just for you, ill copy the post onto my blog since im
phscko » that's not funny james, can you comment on her thingy? cause if u can i'll kill you!!!
jive » haha
phscko » jess i want to comment on ur thing but i won't let me... stupid live journal crap!!!